An Emergency Health and Safety Plan for Your Business

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An Emergency Health and Safety Plan Helps Saves Time, Money & Lives

It is extremely important to have a well rehearsed, Emergency Health and Safety Plan to minimise risk, secure threats & ensure worker safety .

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Health & Safety Plan

The actions performed in the first minutes of a workplace emergency can be critical. The roots of a comprehensive emergency plan stems from the content of a businesses hazard management system and hazard register. After identifying hazards, risks and potential emergency scenarios, a business should develop plans and procedures to action should an emergency occur. The emergency health and safety plan should outline procedures to protect personal safety, key assets as well as procedures to safely secure and protect other parts of the business whilst the initial threat is dealt with.

An Emergency Plan should work seamlessly with a more generalised Health and Safety Plan. By outlining procedures for first aid and employees trained in CPR, risks can be minimised, response times increased and ultimately, lives could be saved. Identification of trained personnel to handle key, working and well maintained first response equipment could make the difference between extinguishing a small fire and a total loss of a business. The same goes for containment procedures for small chemical spills and more importantly in New Zealand, procedures in the event of an earthquake.

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