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Health & Safety Management & Mentoring for Managers

Good health and safety management starts with good health and safety managers.

Rotorua Health and Safety Team

Health & Safety Management

Mentoring for Management

When a leadership team are overseeing the implementation of a comprehensive health and safety management plan, what could initially be considered a straight forward exercise can quickly become overwhelming. The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 requires an ongoing commitment by the management team and staff to focus on and continually improve upon, safety and the health of the workforce.

Considerations should include activity schedules, improvement plans, procedures for documentation and records-keeping, clear allocation of responsibility to staff and managers and employee participation in every level of safety management. Strategies need to be developed for hazard management, regular inspections of the workplace, emergency procedures, plant and equipment maintenance as well the development of procedures as how to investigate incidents, when they occur.

Developing your skills as a manager is an ongoing process. A long recognised path for a manager to aid in their professional development is to engage the services of a specialist business mentor. Here at GoSafety Solutions Ltd, we approach our role as a mentor as that of a resource, complete with over 15 years of valuable health and safety experience.

Our presence at a management level helps steer the management team into making the right decisions for their business. Ultimately, your business falls under the control of senior management, but we will do our best to insure that the decision makers have all the facts and figures at their disposal to make the right decisions.

Our mentees can be any key individual within the health and safety management chain, from directors, management right through to front-line staff. We ensure that there is coherence and continuity right along the chain.

Accredited Training Provider

GoSafety is registered to deliver services for the Capability Development Voucher scheme delivered by the Regional Business Partners. Eligible businesses may receive funding up to 50%, with a $5,000 limit to support them training to improve management capability. The network is made up of 14 Regional Business Partners throughout New Zealand and is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation.

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